Description of Timers

Major Sell Signals

There are four major sell signals: The Tsunami Indicator, the Fifty New Lows Rule, the Accelerating New Lows and Series of Tops.  Each has a different take on how to identify bear markets.  “One size fits all” doesn’t work when identifying bear markets.


Shortable Correction Timer

This attempts to forecast large corrections so one can hedge against a possible decline.  Shorting positions against the box is a possibility, as well as shorting an index.  By a large correction I mean declines between 10% and 20%.


Index and commodity timers

These are specially written for each timer.  Entry and exit signals are quite precise.


Options Timer

This timer is useful for knowing which direction to sell options to collect premium.  It is not a good idea to buy options using this as a timer.


S&P Sector Timers

All the sectors are included, based on weekly charts.  This is meant for long term holders