Description of Timers

Description of Timers

Bryan Johnson
Moon Run Report, LLC

Short to intermediate Market Timer

The SIMT generates candidate buy and sell signals to be confirmed by the metrics shown in this website.

Tsunami Indicator

Every now and then a serious decline is forecast.  This forecasting is done by either there being 50 or more Nasdaq New Lows at a market peak, the Tsunami Indicator flashing (based on a 1/2 percent or less decline in the iShares Russell 2000 from the peak to the sel signal and 40 or more new lows at the sell signal) or the number of new lows is accelerating from peak to the SIMT sell signal.  At the top, the Market Strength Indicator needs to be below 4.50.  At the sell signal, the Market Strength Indicator needs to be below 3.80 in order to activate and the Advance Decline filter needs to be above 6.
Bond Timer
Subscribers have the option of trading bonds with this timer.  One option is to buy the Exchange Traded Fund TLT when long, or short the TLT on a sell signal.
Gold Timer (Commodity)

This timer generates signals using the GLD for longs and shorts.
Emerging Markets Timer

This timer focuses on emerging markets.  One can buy the EEM when bullish on emerging markets or short the EEM when bearish on emerging markets.

Real Estate Timer

This timer allows one to time the real estate market.  Use the IYR ETF for going long or short
Long Term S&P Timer

This timer uses a weekly chart and signals are quite infrequent.  One may go long with SPY and short with SH.  The Conservative portfolio is invested with this timer and the Tsunami indicator.


The QQQ timer goes long the QQQ and short with the QQQ.

Sugar Timer

This goes long and short with the SGG ETF.

US Dollar

This goes long and short with the UUP ETF.

Hedging Opportunities

On occasion a hedge position will be taken to offset potential losses in a correction.  When the Short to Intermediate Market Timer shows a sell signal and the number of Nasdaq New Lows is above 30 at the peak, I will take a short position in the IWM.