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Greyhounds of the Dow

You've heard of Dogs of the Dow, and updated Dobermans of the Dow, now comes Greyhounds of the Dow.

The Dobermans of the Dow is an improvement of the Dogs of the Dow, but cycling through the months of the year, I found a better system. The Dogs of the Dow select the top 10 yielding stocks in the Dow 30 Industrials, selling them and replacing them at the end of each year. The Dobermans of the Dow first selects the top 20 ROE (Return on Equity) stocks then selects the top 10 yielding of those.

My improvement is to take the top 20 stocks by ROE divided by Price, then sorting them by Yield divided by Price. Much better.

This can be backtested on Portfolio 123. Use FOrder function to specify the top 20 by ROE%Q divided by Price. It's a winner!

Bryan Johnson
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