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If I ran a mutual fund

A a portfolio manager, I have developed and used excellent portfolios on Portfolio 123 since 2006.  SInce it takes a while to flesh out and develop a comprehensive portfolio package,  care has been taken to develop conservative as well as aggressive type of portfolios.  On my website, Moon Run Report, I have 9 different portfolios that address different needs for different investors.

The portfolios I would use in a mutual fund would be the Conservative, Mega Cap, Prudent and Value portfolios.  Turnover is not that much.  By using a smaller number of stocks per portfolio and diversifying your area of investment, outperformance is achieved.  Each portfolio has 10 stocks, so 40 stocks total.

As for market timing, I wrote the book, Before the Bear Strikes, which outlines all of the crashes starting with 1987.  It has been live tested since 2006.  It called the crashes in 2008, 2011, 2015 and 2018. 2015 was determined by my long term timer.   In 2008 I won the World Cup Championship of Stock Trading(R), calling hte crash on September 4.  In a defensive period, I would put 20% in an inverse IWM ETF.

I am running a model portfolio live with real money in a brokerage account and can showcase this to any mutual fund company.  In a bullish period, to be fully invested I would put available cash into the IWM ETF.

Really, the nervousness about the market and indecision about what to do has been solved by my modeling and live testing.  I am ready to make the move into the professinal money managment.

I am not licensed and do not have  CFA charter.

Bryan Johnson