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Understanding the Stock Market

An understanding of the stock market

So, you’re new to the stock market or have been burned a few times. The ups and downs can get to you and the latest guru has not been much help. I know, reading tons of books are no help and you wonder if ANYONE knows anything about the stock market.

Sample Interview notes for the Moon Run Report and Before the Bear Strikes

Essay for TV and Radio hosts on the Moon Run Report website and Before the Bear Strikes book.

Host: Good evening! Today our guest is Bryan Johnson who hails from Pittsburgh PA and is a self-taught stock market expert. We will review the course of events and accomplishments to discover what Mr. Johnson has found studying the stock market. Bryan how are you tonight?

Me: Fine! I’m delighted to be here today.

Host: So, how did you get started in the market and when did you start being successful?

Keys to investment success

There are a plethora of theories about investing, whether buy and hold is best verses timing, actively managed funds verses index funds and how much research should be done to get best success. I am of the view that timing can be done, but it is difficult and takes lots of effort. Here are a few things to observe while doing your own analysis and research.

Greyhounds of the Dow

You've heard of Dogs of the Dow, and updated Dobermans of the Dow, now comes Greyhounds of the Dow.

The Dobermans of the Dow is an improvement of the Dogs of the Dow, but cycling through the months of the year, I found a better system. The Dogs of the Dow select the top 10 yielding stocks in the Dow 30 Industrials, selling them and replacing them at the end of each year. The Dobermans of the Dow first selects the top 20 ROE (Return on Equity) stocks then selects the top 10 yielding of those.

Using Metrics to Determine Bear Markets book report

Introduction to the System

My interest in predicting market downturns began when I attended a mutual fund manager’s general stockholder meeting in 2006. The fund manager announced that he had a job waiting for anyone who could call market tops and bottoms within 6 days of the peak or trough. The fact that this high-ranking professional was at a complete loss when it came to predicting major market moves piqued my interest, to say the least.

The Pep Indicator and Major Buy signal

When determining when to re-enter the market after a major selloff, I came up with the idea based on price and up/down volume. This was not an easy task, and I had looked around for quite some time. My first two concepts were to construct indicators based on Nasdaq New Lows and New Highs. The first was All Clear, the second was Intermediate Buy.

If I ran a mutual fund

A a portfolio manager, I have developed and used excellent portfolios on Portfolio 123 since 2006.  SInce it takes a while to flesh out and develop a comprehensive portfolio package,  care has been taken to develop conservative as well as aggressive type of portfolios.  On my website, Moon Run Report, I have 9 different portfolios that address different needs for different investors.

Stock Selection

Questions abound in the art and science of stock selection. Which method gives me the best return with the least risk? Will someone teach me so that I can be self-sufficient? Is there a fastest way to learn? Do I need a PhD in finance?

Market Direction

When it comes to market timing and market direction, the common theme from the buy and hold crowd is that The Market Can’t Be Timed. Time in the market rather than market timing is preferred, as no one has really figured out trend reversals in the macro sense. Market timer preference for One Size Fits All for identifying bear market tops and bull market bottoms is that it makes life simple if there is only one way.

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